Alpha 2020

We started Alpha in January 2020 and over the 5 following weeks between 22 and 27 of us met in Costa Coffee in Craigleith Retail Park to eat together, watch a video and discuss the content. Weeks 6&7 we decanted to the beautiful Northcare Suites Nursing Home public café.

The topics covered were:

Is There More to Life Than This?

Who is Jesus?

Why did Jesus Die?

How Can I have Faith?

Why and How Should I Pray?

Why and How Should I Read the Bible?

How Does God Guide Us?

We had a full Saturday at the Holiday Inn where 15 of us were able to share a more intensive time of discussion and sharing along with 4 videos on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. The topics of the videos were:

Who is the Holy Spirit?

What Does the Holy Spirit Do?

How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?

How Can I Make the Most of my Life?

Then Corona Virus struck us and we had one final evening together just prior to the lockdown and we watched the final 3 videos with minimal discussion and social distancing.

How Can I Resist Evil?

Why and How Should I Tell Others?

What About the Church?

When the course concluded a number commented on how good it had been to discuss our faith together and to be honest about questions, doubts and experience in a way that is less common than perhaps it ought to be.  There was a clear wish expressed to continue the course in some way, so, with the advent of Zoom, it was decided we should run the series again for the as many of the participants as were interested so that a lot of what we missed first time round could be consolidated. About 13 of us watched the appropriate video at home ourselves then joined a Zoom meeting and discussed the content. It proved a very effective way to “meet up” and many have commented on their support for House Groups of some sort after the current emergency is over so that we can continue to build one another up in the faith as we read and discuss together.

We asked folk about how they felt the evenings had gone and below is just a selection of the summarised responses:

“ is stronger and more confident”, “… not scary and lot to gain”, “..developed and expanded Christian faith”, “..highly recommend to all church members”, “…faith is stronger and more confident”, “.. I can talk to others more easily about my faith and failures”, “.. good to continue for church members on a regular basis”, “..talking about faith in a way we don't normally do”, “..felt part of something special”.

Donald and Libby Cameron

June 2020








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