Church Organisation

The organisation of the Church is carried out through its two decision making bodies:

The Kirk Session
responsible for the spiritual and devotional aspects of the congregation's activities.
The Congregational Board
responsible for the secular matters.

More information about some of the Kirk Session and Congregational Board Committees can be found on the Committee pages.

The Kirk Session

The Kirk Session comprises of all elders who are members of the congregation and have been elected to the Eldership of the Church of Scotland.

The Session is responsible for the spiritual and devotional life of the congregation and its individual members, and meets usually monthly, presided over by the Minister as Moderator, to discuss any matters coming under those headings.

The Session has appointed from its members five standing committees to examine matters of concern and recommend course of action for ratification by the whole session. These committees are: Youth, Education and Training, Outreach, Pastoral Care, and the Conveners Committee. Each of these committees are empowered to co-opt members of the congregation who have particular interest or expertise in the area of concern.

The Session also appoints two of its members to act as "Link Elders" to each organisation who are required to visit them to ascertain any problems which may exist, and to convey the greetings of the Session to their members.

The parish is divided into districts, each of which is looked after by one Elder, who maintain regular contact with their own "flock", through visits and distributing the Church and parish magazines.

Session Clerk
Eddie Thorn -

The Congregational Board

The Congregational Board, comprises of up to 15 members who are elected by the congregation to serve for 3 years, plus an equal number of elders chosen by the Kirk Session for a similar 3 year period of service.

The Congregational Board is responsible for the secular affairs of the congregation, covering fabric of Church property, staff, finance, etc. Most of the work is carried out by its committees which are: Finance, Fabric, Premises & Staff and Magazines. These committees can also include other members of the congregation who have particular interest or skill in the relevant subjects under consideration.

The Congregational Board meet about 4 or 5 times a year to receive reports from the appropriate committees and to act on their recommendation as it sees fit.

Requests for use of any of the Church halls and meeting rooms should be referred to the Church secretary. The Church officer is in charge of the cleaning of Church premises, setting out rooms for meetings, etc.

Chair of the Board
Ian Templeton-
Clerk to the Board
Jess King

Congregational Membership

The Church Roll is maintained by the Roll Keeper through the Church Office which should be informed of any change of address. Transfer certificates (known as "lines") from other Churches to St. Columba's should be handed to the Minister or an Elder on duty, or sent to the Church Office. Anyone wishing to join the membership of St. Columba's should contact the Minister.