So what is Zumba, is it not just another keep-fit fad?

You have probably heard about dancing yourself fitter to Latin rhythms called Zumba Fitness. However, most people are curious about whether it actually gets you fitter or not and if it would work for them. Well simply dancing obviously burns off calories while the moves are carefully designed to give your muscles some toning and a bit of a work –out without going over the top.

Why it’s so popular is that anyone from sixteen upwards can have a go, there is no upper age limit, it is extremely laidback, you don’t need to even get the steps right. The idea is to simply have fun while getting into shape dancing to catchy Latin music and cleverly choreographed easy steps.

So does it work? Well I guess the best way to find out is ask any of the people who do it. They will tell you it will be a great fun hour and is a fabulous way to get a bit fitter without the drudgery of going to a gym. I’ve been teaching Zumba for seven years and can tell you it’s not like any other fitness class you’ll have tried.

Zumba Classes at St Columba’s are on

Saturdays 10am - 11am

For further details contact Gabi:

Mobile 07720867472

Email gabi@zumbaedinburgh-gabi.com

Web www.Zumba.com

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