The Congregation is a registered charity, number SC008756, and is administered in accordance with the Deed of Constitution (Unitary Form).

The Kirk Session comprises of all Elders who are members of the Congregation and who have been elected to the Eldership of The Church of Scotland. It has oversight of the whole life and service of the Church within its Parish; responsibility for the spiritual and temporal oversight of the Congregation’s affairs. Its spiritual responsibility involves leadership, nurturing the spirituality of the Congregation and its members, caring for the spiritual welfare of the Parish and Parishioners, encouraging members to participate in the worship and life of the Congregation, and promoting mission and evangelism in the Parish.

The Session meets usually monthly, presided over by the Minister as Moderator and has appointed, from the Elders and members of the Congregation, the following 'Working Teams,' namely:-

  • Communications
  • Fabric
  • Finance
  • Nurture
  • Outreach
  • Pastoral & Prayer
  • Premises & Staff
  • Stewardship
  • Worship

The Parish is divided into districts, each of which is looked after by one Elder, who maintain regular contact with the members in the district, by way of visits and distribution of the Church and Parish magazines.

Session Clerk

Eddie Thorn  -

Requests for use of any of the Church halls and meeting rooms should be referred to the Church Secretary.

The Church Roll is maintained by the Roll Keeper through the Church Office which should be informed of any change of address. Transfer certificates (known as "lines") from other Churches to St. Columba's should be handed to the Minister, Session Clerk or an Elder on duty, or sent to the Church Office. Anyone wishing to join the membership of St. Columba's should contact the Minister.

Registered Scottish Charity, No: SC008756